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1. サマーブリーズ(Dedicated To 山下達郎)
2. レッツ キッス ベイビー(Dedicated To 山下達郎)
3. The Other Gates(Dedicated To The Beach Boys)
4. 風は冬色(Dedicated To 松田聖子、大瀧詠一、松本隆、Jack Keller, Bob Crewe)
5. Knockin’ on the Happy Door(Dedicated To Wings、Folllow Me!)
6. Day After Day(Dedicated To The Rutles)
7. 手で作る(Dedicated To The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra)
8. きみといっしょなら(Dedicated To Simon & Garfunkel)
9. 渚の約束(Dedicated To 加山雄三, Carpenters)
10. ポケットいっぱいの幸せ(Dedicated To 山下達郎)
11. ふたりはラブラブ(Dedicated To Donna Summer, Rick Astley)
12. Hang-Ten Groovin’(Dedicated To弾厚作、The Ventures, Surfin’ & Hot Rod)
13. Moonlight Serenade(Dedicated To The Beach Boys 大瀧詠一)
14. Merry Christmas In Blue(Dedicated To Phil Spector, Wrecking Crew)
15. でも生きるけど(Dedicated To 細野晴臣)

[Bonus Tracks]
16. サマーブリーズ (Instrumental) 
17. レッツ キッス ベイビー (Instrumental)
18. The Other Gates (Instrumental) 
19. 風は冬色 (Instrumental) 


Sings by カンケ

Lyric by カンケ(M-1,2,11)松本武史(M-1,3,5,8,10,13,14)


Music by カンケ Except: M-5,13 by カンケ 上田尚史

Arranged by 柏崎三十郎

Except: M-1,2 Arranged by カンケ、河辺健宏

Musicians – Everest Trekking Crew





Pedal Steel Guitar:村中靖愛(M-9)

Horn:山本拓夫Horn Section(M-1,2)

Saxophone:Yuki Nakano(M-2,10)

Background Vocal:Black Sand Beach Boys(M-1,2,3,5,10,13)西山恵美子(M-4,5)
菅井えり(M-2)上田尚史(M-8)Handmade Works(M-7)角田晃広(M-15)


Produced by KANKE

Except: M-1,2
Executive Producer 安藤賢次

Produced by 藤本康

A Produced by 秋田真一

Sound Produced by 河辺健宏

Recorded & Mixed by 青海川猩々(at Everest Sound Lodge, Riverside Music, Miracle Hit)

Except: M-1,2 Recorded & Mixed by 浅野剛

(at サウンドシティ、キング関口台スタジオ、On Air 麻布スタジオ)

「ふたりはラブラブ」Recorded by 浅野剛、河辺健宏

(at TOKYO FM スペイン坂スタジオ、リバーサイドミュージック)

Mixed by 河辺健宏(at リバーサイドミュージック)

「でも生きるけど」Recorded by 青海川猩々、二宮佑介

(at Everest Sound Lodge, One Heart Music)

Masters by 藤野成喜 at Universal Music Studios Tokyo

Cover Illustration, Photographs, Art Direction & Design : 土橋一夫

Directed by 土橋一夫、三上栄一

2016.4.6 Release CD Album

Universal Music Japan : UICZ-4349

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